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Care. Curated.
If you want students to learn, create a positive learning environment where they are encouraged and enthused to learn. If you want people to heal...

We believe that a truly healing space should explore and give value to a wide variety of comfort levels, communication styles, needs, and expressions. As a result, the Divergent clinic was created with universal design in mind. Come experience the difference!

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Have a suggestion to make the space more accessible?
Please let us know! Just like our patients, we're here to learn and improve.

The entrance to Divergent Physical Therapy with a sign on the front door

Our office is conveniently located at 1433 N. State St. in downtown Bellingham, WA!

convenient access. historic charm.

Our office is located in the Fussner Building at 1433 N. State Street in downtown Bellingham, WA. We're nestled comfortably between BBay Running and Worn Again Thrift.

Metered street parking is available on N. State Street, Champion Street, and nearby Railroad Ave. Unmetered parking is available one block east on Forest Street or on Champion Street between Forest and State. Please give us a call if you will need access to a designated accessible parking space, and we'll be happy to direct you!

A white reception desk with plants in front and a white bookcase behind

Check in at our front desk, then help yourself to coffee, tea, or water!

make yourself at home.

Studies have shown that the healthcare context matters — meaning the environment in which you receive treatment can have a positive or negative effect on your experience. When you book your appointment with us, you will receive an email with instructions for customizing your environment, so you can soothe your stress responses the way only you know how.

Follow the prompts and choose your preferences for your session soundtrack, aromatherapy scent, conversational preferences (everybody has their own limit with polite chit chat), and even your ideal lighting settings (we see you migraine sufferers).

When you arrive, you can start settling into that stress-free headspace with a free coffee or tea of your choice while you wait for your practitioner or arrive up to 30 minutes early to hop in a metaphorical escape pod and take a moment away from the world in our adult sensory waiting room.

Please Note: Refreshments and Sensory Waiting Room are currently not available due to COVID-19 precautions. Hot and cold water are still available for patients.

A kid's corner with blue floor tiles, a bean bag chair, a shelf with toy bins, and green leaf umbrellas mounted to the wall

Can't find a sitter? Our patients are welcome to make use of our gated kids corner.

accessible healthcare includes a place for the kiddos.

There's no need to cancel an appointment if your childcare falls through. All patients are welcome to make use of our unsupervised, gated kids corner, featuring a super fun play tent, vinyl bean bag chairs (easily cleanable for the win), books, toys, and a monthly art project!

Please note: child care services are not offered in an official capacity, and parents who choose to utilize this space acknowledge that they do so at their own risk. Please do not leave children under the age of 3 unattended.

A black door with a white sign that reads "The Escape Pod - Private Sensory-Friendly Waiting Room"

Our Sensory Waiting Room is currently under construction!

take a minute.

There's a lot going on these days. All the time. And it can be hard to find the time to get away from it all and decompress.

Studies have shown that there is a link between our central nervous system processing/other psychosocial factors and how we perceive pain. The mind-body connection is real, and our Sensory Waiting Room is an opportunity to provide greater accessibility to physical therapy care by offering a space for patients to up-tune or down-tune their nervous systems or just find a moment of peace to help their muscles relax before treatment.

Our Sensory Waiting Room is designed with engaging lighting, flexible seating options, and adult fidget toys to provide a sensory-aware space to take a minute before your appointment. Arrive up to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to wait privately in the space.

Want to help us curate our sensory space? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We'll be posting polls to our stories to get your feedback as we put this space together. You can also send us an email or DM.

A gym space with black rubber floor tiles, a weight bench, aerobic step, and other equipment separated from the rest of the room by a white bookcase

Functional mobility.
Reaching new heights.

movement is medicine.

Our private gym space is the perfect size for a one-on-one session with your PT. We've got weights, cables, rollers, and cardio equipment to get you back in action and moving without pain or hesitation.

Have an equipment suggestion or a need we're not addressing? Let us know!

An aromatherapy diffuser

Everything you need from a PT clinic
(without the clinical feel).

put your feet up.

Our private treatment rooms are quiet and spacious, so you can focus on getting answers to your questions and making strides to moving more freely! Each room features dimmable lighting options, clean and comfortable pillows/sheets, and a cutting-edge hydraulic therapy table.

We know standardized exam and massage tables aren’t made to accommodate every body, so we’ve got bolsters and pillows to make sure every person feels at ease. Feeling awkward about closing your eyes? Help yourself to a set of sanitized sunglasses during your session.

Not sure what to do what your hands? We’ve got tactile strips along the sides of the table, or you can help yourself to a fidget device while you're here. We know everyone interacts with their environment in a unique way, and we’re doing our best to create treatment spaces that welcome and encourage all forms of interaction, so our patients can get the most benefit out of each session!

Please note: all surfaces, bolsters, pillows, sunnies, and fidget devices are disinfected after every appointment. We're all about sharing our voices, not our germs.

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